Hometown on the table.

Hometown on the table.Eating natto in your daily for
a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Niho Foods produces natto
locally for local consumption.

We mainly use carefully selected soybeans from Kyushu to make our natto (fermented soybeans) .In recent years, we have our soybean ingredients grown and brought in from various locations in Oita Prefecture.
We are also developing a new kind of natto using unique food ingredients sourced from Kyushu.With our thorough quality management and advanced technology, we create and produce genuinely delicious natto.

  • Japan Natto Competition Winner !!
  • Our company won
    many awards at
    Japan Natto Competition.

  • USSEC U.S. Soy Sustainability
    Ambassador Award,MAFF, MHLW,
    ZEN-NOH, JNCSF and others....


New product "Puffer fish stock with natto" now on sale.

Sauce containing puffer fish stock. The generous serving of sauce makes the natto go down smoothly and satisfyingly.
It goes perfectly with rice.

New product "Shiitake with natto" now on sale.

Comes with a Japanese-style starchy sauce using a mix of Oita Prefecture dried shiitake mushrooms, packed full of umami. The taste goes down well even with those who normally dislike natto.

We have just released our new website.

The website of Furusato Natto / Niho Foods has been redesigned.